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SOLIN (SALONA) (30 km) is a charming little town with several bridges across the river Jadro where you can watch colonies of birds. River JADRO is not a big river, but it supplies water to the whole area (Split, Kastela, Trogir, Ciovo). The source of water is coming from the mountain Mosor as underground stream. It is of a high quality. Roman emperor Diocletian in the begining of 4rd century built aquadukt leading 6 kilometers from Jadro to his Diocletian palace. Driving between Salona and Split you can see the parts of this aquadukt which is in use till today.

SALONA (30 km) and its ruins are spread in the wide area around Solin. There are, too, ancient ruins and the remains of old churches which dates from the time of  Croatian Medieval Kingdom  (10th and 11th century).

From ancient Salona, once capitol of roman provinence of Dalmatia, whose size, wealth and magnificence is testifed by impressive walls with towers and gates, the forum with temples, amphitheatre, graveyards with salonitan martyrs (Manastirine, kapljuč, Marusinac) till Middle age, time of queen Jelena and Trpimirović dynasty, coronation of Zvonimir as King of Dalmatia and Croatia in Hollow church in 1075, Solin is truly monument itself.